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Ingeniería social de la pandemia.. la verdad expuesta por expertos profesionales (ESP/ENG)


The big reset movie


Testimonios de genetistas, biólogos moleculares, epidemiólogos, bioquímicos, abogados, periodistas de prestigio y premios Nobel, que están aportando versiones de la pandemia muy diferentes a las que nos tienen acostumbrados los medios de comunicación….


FERNANDO LÓPEZ-MIRONES: he graduated in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid in the specialty of Zoology. Since then, he has written and / or directed more than 130 international documentary films, including productions for National Geographic Television and the BBC. He is a professor of the History of Informative and Documentary Cinema and of Scientific and Research Documentary at the Complutense University of Madrid.

* GERARD GUILLAUME: Medical doctor, immunologist rheumatologist, with 50 years of medical experience, he has worked 20 years as a sports doctor, specializing in natural medicines (traditional Chinese medicine, phytotherapy, micro immunology, etc.). Writer, lecturer and collaborator of Luc Montagnier since 2009. Founding member of the Bon Sens association (founded during the covid crisis to support citizens and get out of the health dictatorship). He works for the health of people, for the planet and to provide practical solutions for human beings to regain their fundamental freedoms.

* GERMÁN SARLANGUE : Graduated in Political Science, he was a member of the Research Center of the former National Council for Minors and the Family in the Research in Argentina and a professor of the Public Policy chair at the Argentine Catholic University. He is currently an independent researcher and participates in Catholic University.

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